Are you currently living in Berlin and are looking to contribute your time and skills to a good cause? Is the language barrier holding you back?

Well, it shouldn’t because we at GoVolunteer believe that anyone who desires to give back to the community should have the full liberty to do so. Language should not be a hurdle in your endeavour to make a positive impact in the community, especially in Berlin, which is also known as the city of freedom.

What do you need to start volunteering?

To volunteer in Berlin, all you really need is a desire to learn new skills, an enthusiasm to make a positive social change, a sense of compassion and a big smile on your face.

There are hundreds of organizations in this city looking for awesome people like you – people who can speak and work in English. But don’t you worry if you do not speak English at a mother tongue level, as long as you can communicate, that’s all that’s needed.

Where can you volunteer?

Are you unsure about where to begin? We have put together a database to help you steer in the right direction. Take advantage of our filters to find a suitable volunteer opportunity based on your passion, availability, location, or your preferred language. Below, we have listed some popular categories that offer plenty of opportunities for English speaking Berliners.

Volunteer in Arts & Culture

Meet ‘n Eat is a great organization for anyone and everyone who is looking to add a dash of excitement into the monotony of life. This organization provides a forum for people from diverse cultural backgrounds, age, and gender to get to know their community and unite over delicious international foods and fun-filled activities. If you find this idea appealing, then contact Meet ‘n Eat today and support their brilliant cause.

Laute Liebe, on the other hand, has unconventional volunteer opportunities for people who love music as much as they love to defy social prejudices. Volunteer with Laute Liebe and promote electronic music parties in Berlin to help them raise donations for organizations fighting against domestic violence. Remember that your smallest contributions can spur the biggest changes.

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Volunteer for Migration & Refugee Projects

Imagine Foundation provides opportunities to talented people from all around the world who dare to dream big and are willing to cross borders to find employment in Europe. Imagine supports these aspiring talents to connect to the potential employers or recruiters with the help of digital technology and in-depth coaching. If you like the idea of contributing to a significant movement of defying boundaries for talent and employment acquisition, then Imagine Foundation is definitely the right place for you. Get in touch with them to explore volunteer opportunities in diverse fields.

Conflict Food is a noteworthy company that engages in fair and direct trade with small-scale farmers in conflict-ridden regions around the world. This benevolent collaboration tackles the root of the economic problems in these regions by opening up new jobs and new markets to the farmers and the community at large. What’s more? With each product sold in the European market, Conflict Food supports an educational project in the country of origin. Sounds like a great place to volunteer, doesn’t it? Contact them today to become a part of this terrific program.

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Volunteer for Women

Camp One 4 Women is a project from Camp One eV., exclusively aimed at empowering girls and women with or without a migration background. If you would like to get involved in the planning and organization of fun and note-worthy activities ranging from theatre workshops, poetry workshops, excursions, summer party or a dance workshop then get in touch with Camp One today!

Menstrual Health (MH) is a global organization that influences, connects and unites the multidisciplinary world of menstrual health through strategic partnerships with active menstrual health actors worldwide. A volunteering opportunity with MH would open doors to many areas surrounding menstruation – including research, education, policy, and innovation. Support this ingenious initiative and help make menstruation health a priority.

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Volunteer for Children

McDonald’s Children’s Aid Foundation has incredible opportunities for anyone looking to help children. This foundation has been working for the health and well-being of seriously ill children in Germany since 1987 and currently has two Ronald McDonald houses in Berlin. As a volunteer, you would provide your support to the affected families going through a tough time and help them deal with difficult circumstances.

UNICEF, on the other hand, is a global organization that works for disadvantaged children worldwide. A volunteering opportunity with UNICEF takes you far beyond just providing assistance to the children in need – they provide an excellent forum to expand your personal network and learn a great deal of new soft and hard skills. UNICEF often provides volunteering opportunities in multiple fields – so choose a project that aligns with your values and taps into your passion, and start making a positive impact!

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Join GoVolunteer

Or, how about joining GoVolunteer – a fun and growing family in the heart of Berlin? Our goal is to give every person a chance to shape our society and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of newcomers through impactful projects and fun activities. We are always open to welcoming motivated volunteers like you. So roll up your sleeves, get in touch with us, and start volunteering today!

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About the author:

Chandani López Peralta is an active volunteer at GoV. She holds a Master’s degree in International Development and Social Change from Clark University and a Bachelor’s in Communications/PR from Minnesota State University, USA. Equipped with over three years of professional experience in the US and Nepal, her expertise lies in rural development, migration & displacement, cultures of exile, marketing and content management.