Vacation is coming! What better time is there than the summer break to get involved? You will have a lot of free time and you can spend it usefully. Add meaning to your summer and follow our advice to find the volunteering project made for you!

It’s summer, it’s hot : go outside

The temperature is high, the sun is shining bright, you don’t want to stay indoors. What about doing some gardening activities? Look around you, a gardening project is surely in need of helping hands! You can give some of your time to take care of a community garden. The most rewarding part about this is to literally see the “fruit of your efforts” once the vegetables and fruits will grow.

Do you want a free ride?

Now that you have all the time to go around, why not precisely drive people around? You can volunteer for people with disabilities. For example, assisting people in a wheelchair to go to the theater or doing sports and other activities. They want to enjoy summertime and any assistance is welcome! Short or long-term engagement, it’s your moment to get involved for inclusion!

Volunteering during the festival season

Summer is the season of festivals, artistic projects and other occasions to fill  your creative brain. In your local area you will come across many opportunities to volunteer for these kinds of events. Planning, installation, reception: volunteers are always needed and welcomed with open arms!

Find a project in your city!
isa lys

About the author

Isa-Lys is a member of the Communications Team. After finishing a Master’s degree in Public, Non-profit and Cultural Communication, she arrived in Berlin for an internship at GoVolunteer. She’s enjoying the cultural exchange, the language struggles and the awesome people!