How to volunteer in Munich as a non-German speaker

You’ve just moved to Munich, you’ve started your new job, or a university course, you’ve got your new apartment sorted and everything is in order. Or, perhaps you have been an expat for years – well-established but eager find new ways to engage with the local community. Regardless of your situation or background, you wish to get involved with volunteering, but you have no idea of how to go about it. Fear not, this article will get you kick-started.

We all know that volunteering is an excellent way of contributing to the local community. It provides a great opportunity to connect with the locals. And if you’re an expat, it might be your good chance to brush up your language skills. However, It is not always easy to know where you should start after you have made your decision, especially if you’re an expat. Maybe you are just a little insecure whether your level of German is high enough.

Where can you volunteer?

Fortunately, at GoVolunteer we have compiled a wide selection of volunteering projects and opportunities located in Munich. So, whether you speak English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Persian or some beginner-level German, there will always be an option for you. Here are some of our top picks:

Volunteer in Nature

Why not combine volunteering with spending time outside? The MUCCA Community Gardens are a community project and open to anyone who enjoys gardening. Since raised beds are planted there, surrounded by asphalt, the garden is largely barrier-free. People of all backgrounds and ages are invited to work together to create a place that invites people to linger and address issues of ecology, nature and society. If you love to be outside and in good company, and at the same time wish to make Munich a greener city then this project is perfect for you.

Volunteer for Migration & Refugee Projects

As you might have experienced yourself when moving to Munich, it can be difficult to get a foothold in a new city or even a new country. Music can connect us! By means of various musical projects, Liberty Experience discover and promote musical talents and at the same time support the integration of refugees into Germany’s diverse culture and society. The ways you can engage with them seem limitless, from helping them with their fundraising or marketing strategy to taking videos of the amazing talents. If you want to find out more about the various ways you can help people starting a new life in Munich. Have a look at their amazing project!

Volunteer for Female Empowerment

Ingrid Firmhofer, Munich based Photojournalist, is all about feminism and female empowerment. With her project Black Madonna for president she is looking for online volunteers in a variety of fields like Project- and Crowdfunding, Graphic Design, Marketing and many more. Ingrid and her team aim to raise awareness about what feminism actually means and what social, political and economic structures it addresses. If this got you curious be sure to check out her project for more information.

Volunteer for Animal Rights

Animals United fights for the rights of animals and are regularly arranging events, demonstrations and creative animal activist work across Germany. If you are passionate about fighting the exploitation of animals by humans, get involved in their projects in Munich.

Get involved!

As you can see, volunteering opportunities in München are plentiful. Now it is up to you to grab the available opportunities, meet new people, learn something new and in the process contribute to your local community, help refugees and migrants, and enrich your life with intercultural experiences. These and many more exciting projects in Munich, and in many other cities across Germany, can be found at

Become a Volunteer!

About the author:

Ulrik Tidemandsen is doing an internship at GoVolunteer as a part of his Master’s degree, and views volunteering as a key driver of progressive social change. He studies Culture, Communication & Globalization at the University of Aalborg in Denmark, and is now living in Berlin.