The evolution of volunteering throughout the years reflects the changes we witness in today’s society. There are now modern ways for volunteers to get involved and new reasons behind their engagement. Let’s find out about this volunteering culture!

1) Volunteers want self-fulfilment in their engagement

The main purpose of joining a non-profit organization used to be a shared goal. Nowadays a volunteer is rather action-driven, by how he or she can add real value to a social project. Volunteering is a chance of self-discovery in different environments from everyday life.

2) It’s all about being together

When volunteering, people are looking for a “we” instead of just a “me”. In their daily life, an individual is mostly self-centered: What am I going to do at work today? What am I going to eat tonight? What Netflix show am I going to watch? Through volunteering, you are a part of a community where the collective interests are above your personal interests. You are all gathered around the same mission: helping others and supporting causes that matter to you. Volunteers feel a sense of belonging and realize their usefulness as a whole.

Volunteering carries this very human experience of real social connection. Everyone involved works for a greater good and competition is not needed. Also, making friends is rather easy in social projects because people share a common goal of supporting a cause.

3) The students’ involvement today

Students are more likely to commit to a project. As they are questioning their professional future, volunteering may start professional careers. Are you a student in a journalistic or communication programme? Why not help your local homeless shelter make better PR for their charity? And don’t worry, engineers or business administration students can also find a social project that boosts their professional skills. There is a social project for nearly every professional field. It can also lead students to try a new field they’re interested in. On top of that, it can be a benefit for their professional integration to show their skills in one domain or to fulfill themselves by volunteering.

If you’re a student trying to acquire volunteering experience, take a look at our platform GoVolunteer where you can find many opportunities to do so!

4) We are looking for à la carte opportunities

The rules have changed when it comes to volunteering. Individuals used to spend their whole life in one organization. However, as today’s society is defined by its flexibility, they now commit to one-time actions where they can rapidly see the fruits of their efforts.

You want to volunteer in a festival or during the summer? Inform yourself in your hometown to find out the short-term volunteering possibilities!

With these changes of habits, we also realize volunteers wish to have a selection of opportunities à la carte that would suit what they’re really looking for. They want to have freedom of choice and decide on what fulfilling project they’ll work next. Why? Because volunteers want to actively shape society and to contribute to having an impact.

Look no further! GoVolunteer is an online platform gathering volunteering opportunities and projects, so there is something for everyone. You want to volunteer for a specific cause? You’ll find what you’re looking for among thousands of possibilities!

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isa lys

About the author

Isa-Lys is a member of the Communications Team. After finishing a Master’s degree in Public, Non-profit and Cultural Communication, she arrived in Berlin for an internship at GoVolunteer. She’s enjoying the cultural exchange, the language struggles and the awesome people!