Volunteer in Berlin as an English Speaker

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Are you currently living in Berlin and are looking for a volunteer oppurtunity, because you want to contribute your time and skills to a good cause? Is the language barrier holding you back?

Certainly it shouldn’t because at GoVolunteer we believe that anyone who desires to give back to the community should be free to do so. In other words language should not be a hurdle in your endeavour to make a positive impact! Especially in Berlin, which is also known as the city of freedom. Luckily, there are many different ways for you to volunteer in Berlin as a non-German speaker – start now!

What do you need to become a volunteer in Berlin?

To volunteer in Berlin, all you really need is a desire to learn new skills, an enthusiasm to make a positive social change, a sense of compassion and a big smile on your face.

Actually, there are hundreds of organizations in this city looking for awesome people like you – people who can speak and work in English. But don’t worry: Even if your skills are not mother tongue English all you’ll need is a good sense of communication and openness.

You are not really sure where to start? Luckily, we have put together a database to help you steer in the right direction. Therefore, you just have to take advantage of our filters to find a suitable volunteer opportunity based on your passion, availability, location, or your preferred language. Below, we have listed some popular categories that offer plenty of opportunities for English speaking Berliners.

Volunteer in Arts & Culture

No matter if you want to teach or learn playing music, you definitely have to check out the project Open Music by Give Something Back To Berlin e.V. From weekly music tuition in guitar or DJing, Meet-Ups for Musicians, Band Support or Workshops, their offers seem endless. They are always looking for new friendly and passionate teachers, who don’t have to be an expert. Or just come along as a student!

On the picture you can see somebody playing the guitar.

Teach other people how to play your instrument or just come along and jam together with other musicians!

Volunteer for Migration & Refugee Projects

The Imagine Foundation provides opportunities to talented people from all around the world who dare to dream big and are willing to cross borders to find employment in Europe. Imagine supports these aspiring talents to connect to the potential employers or recruiters with the help of digital technology and in-depth coaching. If you like the idea of contributing to a significant movement of defying boundaries for talent and employment acquisition, then Imagine Foundation is definitely the right place for you. Get in touch with them to explore volunteer opportunities in diverse fields.

In the picture you can see the logo of the imagine foundation. In pink words it says "imagine.". To the left there are some pink birds flying.

You can get in touch with people from all over the world and help them find their path! Start volunteering today!

Volunteer for Female Empowerment

DISCOVER FOOTBALL is a Berlin-based organization that uses football to connect and empower women in the male-dominated football sphere. They challenge stereotypes and traditional gender roles by bringing women from all kinds of backgrounds together. Support their important missions by organising big public events, no matter if you are experienced or not.

In the picture you can see women playing soccer.

Get involved and strengthen female empowering through football! It is about time to get involved!

Volunteer for Children

UNICEF, on the other hand, is a global organization that works for disadvantaged children worldwide. A volunteering opportunity with UNICEF takes you far beyond just providing assistance to the children in need. They provide an excellent forum to expand your personal network and learn a great deal of new soft and hard skills. UNICEF often provides volunteering opportunities in multiple fields – so choose a project that aligns with your values and taps into your passion, and start making a positive impact!

In the picture you can see two children outside with a dog.

Support UNICEF and fight for children’s rights! That way you can actually change the upbringing of the most vulnerable amongst us!

Volunteer for Homeless People

Unemployment, poverty, migration, health problems, and unaffordable housing are just a few of the many reasons people become homeless. There are approximately 6.000 to 10.000 people living in the streets of Berlin. Life on the streets can be really rough due to dropping temperatures in the winter and unbearable heat in the summer. You can support projects like the Rise Foundation e.V. in providing plant based food, sanitary items and clothes. In this interview you can learn more about what they do and how you can volunteer with them.

In the picture you can see a homeless person on the streets.

Become part of the distribution team and provide clothes, food and an open ear to people in need!

Join GoVolunteer

In summary, there is a ton of wonderful ways to volunteer in Berlin! Pick your project today, contact them and off you go. It it that easy!

Or, how about joining GoVolunteer – a fun and growing family in the heart of Berlin? Our goal is to give every person a chance to shape our society. Furthermore, we want to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of newcomers through impactful projects and fun activities. We are always open to welcoming motivated volunteers like you. So roll up your sleeves, get in touch with us, and start volunteering today!

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