Volunteer options for non-German speakers in Hamburg

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There are a lot of Non-German speakers in Hamburg who want to volunteer and give back to their community. Are you one of them and wondering how you can get involved? Well first of all: You’re making a great choice! First of all voluntary work in social projects can be a very fulfilling job. Furthermore it offers the opportunity to learn new social and interpersonal skills.

Are you a member of the non-German speakers but not sure where to start or which NGOs would need your help? This is where we at GoVolunteer will support you in finding inspiring social projects! Find your volunteer project in Hamburg in one of the following areas:

1. Draw attention to authentic news from Africa

Africa is usually hugely misrepresented in German media. In reality there is definitely more to Africa than the negative images and negative news we see, hear and read about on a daily base. Certainly, Africa is not synonymous with diseases, disasters and wild animals roaming in the Savannah. That’s why the EuroAfrica Media Network started a magazine which is reporting the “Unreported Africa You Never See on TV”. The magazine was launched 2004 and since then is doing an important job of delivering facts to Europeans and positive presentation of Africa in world media. You can get involved in many different ways for example in research and analysis, news writing, web-publishing, video creation and editing, photography, interviews, project & programme planning, social media management and promotions. Get involved now and make African voices heard.

In the picture you can see three people. It looks like one person is giving an interview. You can volunteer in Hamburg!

Support the magazine and let people all over the world know what life and politics on the African continent really are about.

2. Volunteer in Hamburg by supporting refugees

This project is about refugee aid in Greece, since there are still thousands of people living in refugee camps until this day. The Hamburg aid convoy (Hamburger Hilfskonvoi e.V.) supports refugees mainly on the Greek islands and in Thessaloniki. Meaning they are sending relief supplies like clothing, hygiene products, medical aids, sleeping bags and tents, to NGOs on the ground. After that those NGOs distribute the relief supplies in the camps. Additionally, they support NGOs in Greece financially, so that relief supplies can be purchased locally. You can become a part of the team and help out by collecting money and goods, sorting and packing donations, or by helping with various administrative tasks. Get in touch with the project and find the volunteer task that is right for you!

In the pictures you can see tents outside. Most likely you can see a refugee camp here. Start volunteering in Hamburg now!

Become a part of the organization and support people who had to flee their home countries .

3. Start volunteering in Hamburg and protect our environment

You are interested in our nature and species and care for our environment and the climate? Then the Hofprojekt Ackerperlen is the perfect project for you! The founders of the farm, Petra und Alex, want to create a place for organic vegetable growing, environmental protection, environmental education and therapies as well as culture. You can support their idea by pruning fruit trees, constructing compost toilets and outdoor showers and creating small gardens. Furthermore they need help with maintaining a horse pasture or laying out a barefoot path. Get involved and spend time outside in nature while volunteering in Hamburg.

In the picture you can see a child holding up a poster with the words "There is no planet B". It looks like the person is demonstrating at a protest. You can become a volunteer in Hamburg and protect our nature and environment.

Start volunteering in Hamburg now by supporting the vision of a better environment for our nature, animals and you and me.

4. Give separated mums and dads a chance to spend time with their children

The organisation Familienhandwerker arranges free overnight stays with volunteer hosts for separated dads and moms who no longer live at the child’s place of residence after a separation or divorce. That way they can visit their child regularly and reliably. How it works: The arriving parent stays overnight with volunteer hosts, who usually provide him/her with a guest room. Many hosts also allow the children to stay overnight with the parent and also provide space to play during the day. This relieves the financial burden on the separated dad or mom, prevents bonding breakdowns, and the children do not see the arriving parent as a temporary homeless person. You can be one of those hosts and connect moms and dads with their children!

In the picture yo can see a drawing of a dad holding its child at the same time holding a calculator.

Become a host, share your home with separated mums or dads and support them in spending time with their children.

Start volunteering in Hamburg today!

As you can see there are many interesting volunteer opportunities in Hamburg. Don’t hesitate and contact your favorite project today. Because you can actually make a difference in your city!

If you or your friends are expats but not currently living in Hamburg, you might want to check out our volunteer opportunities for English speakers in Berlin or Munich.

Couldn’t find the perfect project for you? We’ve got many more for you: 

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