Volunteering with Refugees: Expats’ Guide for Berlin

Published On: 06.03.2022|Categories: Engagement|4.3 min read|

Leaving one’s country, people and culture behind, often abruptly and reluctantly, to venture into an unfamiliar society, can be very challenging and distressing. This is why people arriving in Germany need support! We want to show you how you can use your own experience and start volunteering with refugees.

Since the refugee influx in 2015, many organizations in Berlin have been working relentlessly to help the newcomers in inspiring ways. If you like the thought of joining hands with these remarkable organizations, then check out these 5 volunteer opportunities:

1. Support refugees’ independence with the help of Rückenwind e.V.

Rückenwind e.V. and its great young team have made it their goal to help refugees with their daily tasks while giving them more autonomy – with bicycles! They are looking for volunteers to help them repair bikes in their workshop in the Sharehaus “Refugio”. Even if you are not experienced in repairs, you can help Rückenwind e.V. with organizational tasks and more. With BVG tickets being too expensive for many refugees, Rückenwind aims to empower them by providing the most environmentally friendly and healthy means of transportation. If you’d like to help the organisation achieve their mission, make sure to check them out.

In the picture you can see people volunteering with Rückenwind e.V.. The group looks really happy and is holding a bike and several tools in their hands.

Become part of the awesome team of Rückenwind e.V., repair bikes and most importantly get to know new friends.

2. Organize Community Events as a part of Über den Tellerrand e.V.

People at Über den Tellerrand e.V. want to bring people with and without refugee experience together at eye level. It all started with cooking together. But since then, a variety of other community events have been added. You can become a volunteer project coordinator for one of their existing projects – or you can even come up and plan a community event yourself.

In the picture you can see two people sitting by a table talking to each other.

Plan interesting events and create opportunities for personal exchange. That way you can bring together people as equals.

3. Share your skills at ReDI School of Digital Integration

The ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit digital school for Newcomers in Berlin. They offer their students free, high-quality training, the chance to join the startup and digital industry, and a physical platform to connect newcomers to locals and potential employers. With digital skills becoming more important than ever, you could help equip migrants and others with knowledge about various programming languages (English) and basic computer skills (German, Arabic, Farsi or Tigrinya). So go ahead and check out how you can make your skills someone else’s.

The photograph shows women in a class room in front of computers.

Teach basic digital skills, high-end tech courses or career-related topics to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech space.

Learn something new from other people at Give Something Back to Berlin

Give Something Back to Berlin is a well-known organization that is constantly hosting or co-hosting different events for newcomers with other non-profits in Berlin. They want to create connections of all sorts; social, professional, business, and possibilities for finding people for your awesome project, idea or cause. Their events vary from cooking classes to yoga sessions, from dance tuition to teaching web-development and many more. So, if you are up for exploring a new hobby, then look no further and check out their opportunities. In fact, you will also be able to or learning a new skill while interacting with people from different parts of the world. What a cool concept!

In the picture you can see birds sitting on a electrical tower.

Create or expand your local networks while building bridges between different communities and worlds, creating mutual understanding and respect.

Make sport offers available for free

Champions ohne Grenzen e.V. is an initiative helping refugees at becoming football coaches with the help of the programm “Start2Coach”. So if you are an experienced football coach, or would like to help organizing the Kick Out Racism Cup, have a look at the various opportunities available and in need for your help.

In the picture you can see soccer players on the field. They are happy and laughing.

Start volunteering at Start2Coach and make sport accessible to people who are new in Berlin.

Join GoVolunteer

You have a burning desire to help the newcomers, but unsure about which project to pursue? How about joining GoVolunteer? We are constantly looking for awesome and driven people like you. People who still care for humanity and share our pro-immigration sentiments. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us asap, and start helping where it’s needed! For example, by volunteering with refugees in your city. If you are looking for more ways to support refugees, check out one of these 6 ideas.

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