There are approximately 650.000 homeless people in Germany. But no one knows the exact number right now. However nobody deserves to live on the streets. Charities like Rise e.V. try to help them to find new strength. In the following Interview you can learn more about Rise e.V., what they do and how you can volunteer there! 

Who is the Rise Foundation?

Rise Foundation e.V., a Berlin-based charity, founded in June 2018 that helps the homeless people through regular outreach programs providing plant based food, sanitary items and clothes to those who need it. Rise Foundation e.V. does this whilst communicating warmly and compassionately with these individuals and providing key information about local shelters.

We believe that human connection is one of the most important aspect our society. We spend time listening to the stories that the homeless people want to tell. Making them feel like a part of society, sharing a meal together and respecting them as the beautiful human they are.

Where are you active?

Our distribution/outreach events happen all over Berlin. Together we cook plant based food, package it, prepare hygiene and medical kits, bundle the clothing, sleeping bags or thermal mats, group the information booklets that Rise Foundation created that contains district wise info in different about local places which offer shelter, medical help, counselling or day care activities. On the same day, our volunteers go out in groups all over Berlin to share a meal, have a conversation and distribute these items that we carry with us.

Why do you stand up for homeless or homeless people?

One of thing which is very important in our eyes is the power of human connection. People living on the streets get ignored by hundreds of people everyday. Life is difficult for them in the first place and getting ignored by most of the people doesn’t help either. We see people living on the streets as part of our society. They deserve the same respect and kindness as you and us. With our programs/outreach events, we focus exactly on that. Social engagement with the people living on the streets and changing the stigma around this is what we focus on.

What does your organization specifically?

We do anything to support the lives of the people living on the streets. To make it easier for them while they are on this difficult journey. I have highlighted some of the tasks we are engaged on currently.

  1. Distribute food, tea/coffee, hygiene and medical kits and clothing.
  2. Engage people living on the streets. Show respect and kindness and solidarity
  3. Creating programs such as social evenings, free tea/coffee points across Berlin
  4. Share information that makes things easier for them. A lot of information (booklets) is accessible to us but not to them and we try to bridge that gap.

How can people to work for you?

People can sign up for the events on our facebook page for volunteering. Alternatively, our project is also listed on GoVolunteer website. We always need more support in terms of event management, logistics of new projects and campaigns. Anyone can send us an email on and you will be reached out straight away.

Where do you need concrete Help and support?

Donations from individuals and organisations in terms of hygiene items, groceries or direct donation on our website would help us sustain and create more campaigns and projects. Doing fundraisers for us also would help.

We also are looking for people who can commit for a longer duration to join our team and help us with our work.

Helping the homeless

Do you want to be active now and support homeless people? Then check out the Rise Foundation e.V. on our volunteering platform! The Rise foundation is constantly looking for volunteers to help out with different projects. For example you job could be to distribute clothes, food and give out the information about where the homeless can get regular help and a place to sleep. :)

Helping the homeless with Rise Foundation