Benefit 1: You can workout and do good simultaneously by volunteering

There are many reasons why volunteering makes you happy and healthy. For example, most volunteering experiences entail some kind of physical activity and teamwork, from playing games with children to packing boxes of materials or helping out at a charity event.

If you must sit in front of your laptop to work or study most of the time, why not trying this new way of being active?

It is much more fun than running a static bike in the fitness club.

Instead of getting tired and demotivated, our volunteers express having positive feelings and extra energies! Volunteering improves the functioning of your brain and gives you extra shots of kindness and creativity.


Benefit 2: You sleep like a baby in a cradle after volunteer work

If you activate your body and your brain while volunteering, you will get the best sleep.

Yes, we know. You probably go to bed, look at your phone for a while and fall asleep immediately, but that does not mean you have a good sleep.

Why? Doctors confirm we should all stop staring at our screens and try to gaze out the window.

There is so much going on out there! Your mind needs fresh air, emotional experiences and diverse inputs to return home full of positive thinking and well-being.

You don’t know yet, but spending time with other people doing something completely new will bring you good dreams and make you more effective the next day.


Benefit 3: You make new friends while volunteering.

Don’t you sometimes get bored of staying home? Of doing the exact same things every day? Work, gym, drive, cook, dinner, Netflix. Maybe a weekend abroad sometimes.

That’s the main challenge people have before starting volunteering: the routine.

Social impact organizations have busy and shifting schedules with volunteers going and coming all the time and new ideas to develop.

You can make friends whose life is completely different and you would never meet in your regular groups of work and school contacts, but they are also part of your community.

Maybe you find someone in your neighbourhood that shares your same interests and you did not know.


At GoVolunteer we work with organizations that do sports, arts, legal assistance, social activism, animal caring, counselling for refugees, and much more. Go out there and find one that you like! One volunteer makes a huge difference in the collective impact we hope to do in our society. If you cannot commit to regular volunteering, try volunteering during the summer break.

Become a volunteer!

About the author:

Elisabeth is a journalist passionate about migration, diversity, intercultural relations and gender studies. After many years of volunteering in her hometown in Spain, she joined non-profit organizations in Morocco and Sudan. She thinks volunteering is about listening, learning and sharing. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR) while being an active part of the Go Volunteer Communications Team.